Terra Realty Advisors Scholarship

Scott Sheldon is the founding Principal and President of Terra Realty Advisors Inc. Mr. Sheldon desires to establish a scholarship to support students at Solano Community College seeking a career in the real estate profession and who are in need of financial assistance (the “Terra Realty Advisors Scholarship”)
The Terra Realty Advisors Scholarship shall only be awarded to SCC students taking a minimum of twelve (12) semester units, or be employed full or part time and taking nine (9) or more semester units. The recipients must be in good academic standing with a cumulative college grade point average of 3.0. Incoming, first time college students with a cumulative high school grade point average of 3.0 or higher are also eligible.

The Terra Realty Advisors Scholarship shall only be awarded to a student in financial need pursuing a career in the real estate industry. Eligible students must have completed or be currently enrolled in real estate principals, real estate practices, and/or real estate law. Alternatively, students must be currently employed at a real estate office and seeking a business or related degree to enhance their real estate career. SCCEF shall award one (1) $1,000, or two (2) $500 annual scholarship(s) from the funds available.

Terra Realty Advisors, Inc.
Supplemental Questions
  1. If you are a first time college student, was your high school GPA at least 3.00?
  2. Which classes are you currently enrolled in to pursue your major?
  3. To be eligible for this award, you must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.
  4. Please include a one page essay about your declared major and why you are interested in that field
  5. Are you pursuing a career in the Real Estate Industry?
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