Bob Scott Mathematics Scholarship

The Bob Scott Mathematics Scholarship was established by Bob Scott, a mathematics instructor at Solano College. Bob was hired at Solano in 1988. At that time he and Dorothy Hawkes were the first full time math teachers that had been hired in eighteen years. He joined a department with a total of only six full time teachers; when he retired in 2008, there were nineteen full time math teachers. At Solano Community College Bob was active in the Teachers Association, serving as treasurer and on the negotiations team. He also served on the Curriculum Committee, first as the division representative and then as the committee chair.

Bob is a very generous person. He bought t-shirts for many campus causes, athletic teams and student clubs. He routinely donated money for scholarships for math students and food for division and student gatherings. He hired many Solano students to work for his pool care business, giving them both financial and moral encouragement to make something of themselves.

Bob had dropped out of high school as a teenager and joined the army. After his tour of duty ended, Bob returned to school, first at the community college and then at the university. He used his experiences to encourage students to take their schoolwork seriously. He was always honest and straightforward when counseling students. He tried to get students to understand that work is required for success in class, but sometimes life just gets in the way, and you have to know when to throw in the towel.

This scholarship is presented to a student with a mathematics major.