John Nogue Scholarship for Nursing

John Nogue Scholarship
This scholarship was established by Jim DeKloe, Patsy Itaya, and Maria Santiago to honor their esteemed colleague John Nogue. The scholarship has been funded by dozens of John’s friends and family members.

As a Solano Community College teacher for 32 years, he inspired generations of students to pursue careers in biology, nursing, and other health related fields. This scholarship is given to a student who is pursuing a career in nursing.

John Allan Nogue passed away at home on Friday, June 9th, 2017 after battling brain cancer for 11 months. John’s optimism and infinite curiosity for ideas, places, and people enriched the lives of all those he touched.

John was born May 14, 1948 and raised in Oakland, California. He received his bachelor’s and then a master’s degree in biology at San Francisco State University.

John loved the water and was fearless and joyful in it. He was a swimmer, water polo player/coach, and stream and river biologist. As a member of the Dolphin Swimming and Rowing Club, he participated in many open water events including a relay swim across the English Channel.

John also loved baseball and the San Francisco Giants his whole life (even though he is from Oakland). He loved travel, delicious food, meaningful conversation, the newspaper, and a good story and laugh, even if it embellished the truth. John was always generous with his time and expertise. He disarmed people with his openness and genuine interest in others.

With all of John’s many accomplishments, the source of his greatest satisfaction was family. He is survived by his best friend and wife of 32 years Emily, and cherished daughters Rebecca (husband Scott), and Sophie.

Supplemental Questions
  1. This scholarship is awarded to a student who intends to have a career as a registered nurse or a nurse practitioner. Please tell us about your interest and plans for a career in nursing.