Kirkorian Family Scholarship

The Kirkorian Family Memorial Scholarship was established by family and friends to honor the family of former Dean of Learning Resources & Staff Development, Donald G. Kirkorian, Ph.D.

After completing his baccalaureate degree and secondary teaching credential at San Jos? State University, Don accepted a teaching position in the Los Angeles City Schools, where he taught in the Business Department.? His next position was Television Coordinator for the Fremont Union High School District in Sunnyvale where he spent the following ten years. Don realized early on that educators were paid not only for their knowledge but also by the degrees they held!? While he was working, he registered for one class a semester while at San Jos? State until he completed a Masters of Arts degree and then an administrative certificate.? He also served as adjunct faculty at San Jos? State University and the University of California, at Santa Cruz and at Davis. Just when he thought he had had enough degrees and certificates, his advisor suggested that he should consider earning a doctorate!? Don enrolled in the graduate school at Northwestern University and completed the Doctor of Philosophy degree in l972.? He also holds certificates from the University of Southern California and from Stanford University.

Don came to Solano College in September l973 to be the Director of Learning Resources.? Over the years he enjoyed doing various administrative tasks in addition to Learning Resources (Library, Media Services & Graphic Arts Services) —-Staff Development Officer, Distance Learning by Television, Accreditation Liaison Officer, Administrator for the Vallejo Center, Dean of Summer School, and Grant Development Officer.
In addition to his responsibilities at the College, Don has been active in several organizations.? He served on the Board of Directors for the following: Association of California Community College Administrators; the Consortium for Distance Learning; Chancellor?s Advisory Committee on Television; California Youth Authority; President, Western Educational Society for Telecommunications; President, Learning Resources Association of California Community Colleges: Napa-Solano United Way

This scholarship is awarded to a student who plans to work in the field of education.