Amy L. Chun Scholarship

Amy Chun established the Amy L. Chun Scholarship in honor of her 90th birthday to show appreciation for others in her life.

Amy Chun’s family came from China to the Suisun Valley in the 1950’s to farm. The idea that it is rewarding to give to others was instilled in her at an early age. She fondly remembers her family being quite charitable to others in their village in China. In between harvest and the planting season, her family cooked and served rice to those who didn’t have enough to eat. When her mother discovered that the children of Amy’s nanny could not afford to attend school, she provided the money for them.

Amy Chun is a talented and respected artist. Her artwork can be seen in many local exhibits. She was invited to exhibit her paintings at the Florida Art Museum, and is listed in the Italian Modern and Contemporary Art Encyclopedia. She is also skilled in the art of classical flower arranging and is active with a local flower arranging club.