Harry Gray Memorial Scholarship

Harry Gray devoted his life to teaching. His love of history and his gift of story telling made history come alive. He enthusiastically shared the many stories and vignettes he collected over his lifetime with his students, inspring them to love learning. As a teacher he encouraged his students to excel in life as well as in school. He was an example to all of those who had to overcome hardship to achieve their dreams. As a boy he supported his family during the Great Depression with several jobs while putting himself through the University of California after he lost his football scholarship due to an injury. His dream was to get an education at the university.

Harry Gray also sought to help others. In whatever way he could, whether he was a playground director in San Francisco in the 30s, a trainer for new recruits in the Navy during World War II or as a teacher at Solano Community College. He was known for his expertise in California history through his column in the Vallejo Times Herald and the publication of several books.

After retiring from Solano Community College he continued to lecture throughout the Bay Area with his characteristic flare in telling stories of interesting individual achievements and personal triumphs. The only thing more important to Harry Gray than those he mentored was his unconditional love and devotion to his family. Those who will benefit from this scholarship should use the example of this great man as a model for their own personal and professional lives.