Eddie Edwards Scholarship

The Eddie Edwards Scholarship was established by faculty and staff at Solano Community College to honor the memory of Eddie Edwards. Eddie Edwards was a re-entry student who came to the community college after a long time away from formal schooling. He had served in Viet Nam and brought a mindset of having to defend himself at all times to an unfamiliar campus, faculty and students. He worked hard protecting himself both physically and psychologically.

Eddie wanted to get everything he could out of his college experience. He studied hard. He wrote and re-wrote papers. He read not only what was assigned but also other references that might add perspective to the assignment. He loved being a student and he loved to learn.
Eddie didn?t get the chance to be a student very long. He could not protect himself from the cancer that struck him down. He was certain the cancer was a result of exposure to Agent Orange in Viet Nam. He never had the opportunity to transfer to a university. Faculty and students honored him with a memorial service on campus and by donating money for a scholarship in his name. The Eddie Edwards Scholarship is awarded to a re-entry student.