Malcolm Henry Tipp Memorial

The Malcolm Henry Tipp Memorial was established by his wife Mary Tipp in 2005. Mr. Tipp lived in California all his life. He started out in the jewelry business but was later in the real estate business in Vallejo and Napa. He was known for his unstoppable enthusiasm, charisma, and tremendous energy. He loved Vallejo and was always involved in committees and organizations boosting the city. A true believer in the American Dream of home ownership, Malcolm was the ultimate advocate for his clients. There was nothing he wouldn?t do to help a client purchase their own home. Whether in jewelry or in real estate, he always felt he was in the business of making people happy. He would be gratified indeed to know that through this scholarship, he will become a part of the fulfillment of the dream of a worthy student.

This scholarship is for excellence in the Business Division.