Gilbert Scholarship

The Gilbert Scholarship was established by former Solano Community College counselor Gretchen Harmon Harper to honor her Grandfather Gilbert and his son Myron Gilbert Harmon. Gilbert Harmon worked in the gas and oil fields in southern Ohio. He and his wife had twins. The boy went to work in the oilfields of Oklahoma and the girl became an eighth grade teacher. The third child, Myron, worked his way through high school and literally was that kid who had to walk nine miles home on Friday or Saturday and nine miles back to town on Sundays. There was no high school closer for him to attend.
Gretchen Harmon Harper decided to call the scholarship the Gilbert Scholarship to honor both the man who did very hard physical work all of his life (her grandfather) and her father who worked his way through Ohio University for a bachelor?s degree and later for a master?s degree at the university of Minnesota. Both of them could clearly see the value of a formal education and would be very pleased to be honored by the creation of this scholarship.